Cake can be served however you wish at your wedding – cut with great ceremony, as a centrepiece to an afternoon tea or as a dessert served with fresh berries and cream. Portion sizes depend on how you want to serve the cake – and if you want any leftovers! Some couples like to keep and freeze a tier for a future event. Below is a portion guide based upon a cake served at the end of a wedding meal with slices of 1” x 2” * (dessert portions would need to be slightly bigger);

  • 6” round – 12 portions
  • 7” round – 16 portions
  • 8” round – 20-24 portions
  • 9” round – 25-30 portions
  • 10” round – 30-35 portions
  • 11” round – 35-40 portions
  • 12” round – 40-50 portions

*‘Tall’ tiers (of three or four layers of cake) can double the number of portions per tier as each slice can be cut in half again.

We can also supply large plainly covered ‘cutting’ cakes if you are catering for large numbers, but don’t want a huge cake on display. However if you DO like the look of a tall, multi-tiered cake, but don’t need to feed as many guests, ask us about ‘dummy’ tiers.